A love letter to the
Northern California Production Community...

Over the last 18 years, you have shown us your heart…it’s big! It kept us engaged, innovating and motivated. In 2000, when we launched Propville (our original name), Google was just a baby, not yet a verb. It was a different time. In 2005, when we harnessed a vintage circus dog & pony to do a show for you, "experiential marketing" was just getting it’s training wheels.

We put you on a bus- you liked it!

We didn’t make all this up, we made it for you. Along the way, we made friends, earned a living and helped a few people grow their business, connect to their community and sometimes, more deeply to themselves. We are humbled to have been given this opportunity and so deeply grateful. Thank you.

Personally, I overcame my own intense shyness (ringmasters have to be courageous.) I refined my business skills and learned SO much from my customers. I am a better person today because of you.

Here’s the thing… you can do most of this now yourself. A bit of strategy and planning (yes, we can still help with that), some consistent, well-branded social media and a couple of adwords, maybe an event or two…You got this!

So as we say farewell, [fade to black]; we bow deeply to your commitment to creativity and craft; and to growing your business Cheers! To your continued success.

Yep- you got this!

Love and a big hug,

Teri and all the amazing crew over the years at PVSF